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Underneath a secret military outpost within a cave that is spewing out corrupted ghosts is a warlord that seeks unknown goals. Farther below is a sloshing pool of water whose upper layers are covered in scum. Scum that is separated by a ooze dripping skeleton at the edge of the shadows. 

This adventure includes a dungeon, three quests to get the party into a dungeon, prompts baked into settings descriptions to encourage continued play and use of the adventure location. This 12 page adventure will fill a night with a weird and fun dungeon to fight against, with only a little work needed to convert creatures to your favorite old school fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

System Neutral

This adventure scenario was written to be system neutral, descriptions of damage are written using comparisons to weapons commonly found in old school fantasy tabletop systems. This is done to allow the game to bridge across as many rule sets as possible.

This adventure was not written with any levels in mind. It should be scary and played to be barren and haunted by failed activities that have recently become renewed.

Purchase includes:

  • a system neutral adventure for fantasy role-playing games.
  • 12 page adventure with a setting starter in the form of the Surroundings of Sorrow Mountain.
  • a .pdf document which includes the adventure, its illustrations, and maps.


The mechanic for the ghosts that spiral up and through the dungeons corridors was inspired by the entity/enemy's mechanics in 'Mothership: The Haunting of Ypsilon 14'. The eye, Elewynir was entirely a creature that I would write into a Doom role-playing game if given the opportunity. The Haunted Ghosts look as they are described or in their illustration, or are Dementors from the third Harry Potter movie.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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