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The Heaven Prophet's Tomb

This adventure was written as a submission
to the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam 2019!

This adventure scenario was written to be system neutral, but contains a brief rules summary that can be used to play through this adventure straight out of the box. It is meant to be played with any fantasy role-playing game.

Contained in this two-sided pamphlet is a full Fantasy adventure that takes place in the tomb of the first person who was able to communicate with gods. Of course, as always nothing is as it seems. The voices and thoughts they read through their brain were entities outside this world.

This is a weird horror fantasy dungeon inspired by Bloodborne, the Lovecraft Mythos, and the movie As Above So Below.

Product includes:

  • a system neutral adventure for fantasy role-playing games
  • a pamphlet printable adventure for 8.5" x 11" two-sided printing
  • a .rtf document version of the adventure for ease of use
  • a jpeg image of the dungeon's map


Buy Now$4.50 USD or more

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TheHeavenProphetsTomb_v1.pdf 4 MB
TheHeavenProphetsTomb_v1.rtf 479 kB
TombMap_v1.jpg 7 MB

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I really love the detailed illustrations and the included rules!

thank you so much :) the rules are some quick dungeon fantasy rpg rules generalised! :)